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pain that dosen't go away fast enough
by the pain girl

My unhappiness came when I went to middle school. Some boy started making fun of me and I felt really sad and did not want to even live.

Happier times were when I was hanging out with my big sister and having good Ďsister time.í The sad times were different from the happy times because the sad times were so hurtful and the happy times were awesome and cool.

I found out by myself that I was depressed. It was depressing for me to have so much stress on my back. It helped me to be able to confide in my best friend Izamar and my big sister.

The LovePoetry poem that helped me was Should I Go? by Rachel Summer. Iím still depressed but now I stick up for myself and it makes me feel so good inside. Now I don't get hurt or have pain.

To improve my happiness, I choose not to listen to some dummies. Now I am kool and I hang out more with my family.

Donít think of suicide and don't ever listen to any bums who make fun of u they are just jealous.

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