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I became unhappy one day when I lost my virginity 'cause I lost it to someone I really didn't care about. Later my family found out everything and has hated me ever since then. When they found out, they alwayz treated me really badly and never, ever said, "I love you," to me- not once. However, they gave my brother support and love when he's a drug dealer and a crack head and he always gets arrested. They always took their anger out on me, even though I didn't do anything to them.

I remember one time when I was happy. It was when I ran away and got away from them. I felt happy because everyone at the place I went to really cared about me and made me laugh, which is something I haven't done in a long time.

My happy times are different from my sad times because my happy times are with my friends. I laugh a lot and have lots of fun. My sad times are different because my parents and I always argue and I always end up crying or tying to kill myself. I realized one day that I was depressed. I was alone in my room, looking in the mirror and wondering, "Why am I still here on this earth when I should be in the clouds with God?"

I did have someone to confide in during these times. It was my boyfriend. He really was a big help. He was always the one to calm me down and he always showed me love- unlike my parents. The LovePoetry poem that helped me is Bucci by NikkiLynn. My life has changed because I have learned to always stay calm with my parents and just walk away when they yell at me for no reason.

When you think of suicide, think of the others you will leave behind and how sad they will be. Talk to the person closest to you and tell them all of your problems. Always keep in mind that people really care about you and they would be sooo upset if you left them by taking your own life. They wouldn't know what to do without you. So, think about it: Would you rather try a second time and put the past aside or let everything go black and let everyone who cares about you go crazy? Always remember that God loves you.

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