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Love At A Distance
by Courtney Blair Pallett

I have had a relationship with my boyfriend for 6 months. The problem for us is that I live in Texas and he lives in Florida. We really love each other and we want to be with each other forever, but I am so much younger than he is and my parents don't like that age difference but they love him. We can't live without each other and I'm planning to move out there with him when I am 18. Once we are financally stable, we want to start a family of our own and grow old together.

There is one LovePoetry poem that I've been able to relate to. It is I'll wait by malyssa mary barricella. This poem has helped me cope with the great distance between us. I know we will be together forever. It will just have to wait until I can move to Florida with him. We have decided to be strong for one another and just never give up on each other.

If you really love someone, no matter how old or how far away you are... never let them go, because if you do, it may be the biggest mistake you ever made.

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