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Why i let him go
by Sunshine

I had a hard childhood. I had bad friends and my parents told me they did not want me and so I felt like a ‘mistake.’ I did everything for everybody and I could only do so much. People used me and I lost my grandfather and my uncle who I never said goodbye to. All of this happened before the sixth grade. Throughout middle school my life was terrible. I always got into trouble and people would tease me. There were many times when I wanted to kill myself. I even almost had my best friend die in my arms. So, I was happy when middle school ended but I was even more afraid when high school came up.

I told myself I would start over ‘cause I thought that everything was okay. I met this boy and we were just friends until I realized he was the one who made me laugh everyday. I loved being around him and I never thought that I could feel like that for someone. I was always happy and I never thought I would get hurt again. I never stopped laughing and he was my best friend and I hadn't cried for almost a year and half. I was in love…

I did everything for him and I was always there for him but soon I never got anything from him. I was told that I should tell him that, but I never had the courage. He was leaving and I knew I could regret this for the rest of my life ‘cause I only wanted to live to see him My best friend asked me if I was okay and I could not speak without bursting into tears. I was not acting the same, I never ate, I hated playing my favorite sports and I was just not myself. My best friends helped me realize that I was depressed. She realized that he and I were not speaking and I could not take him hanging with the one girl I could not stand.

One day at school, when I finally got the courage to tell him how I felt, we got into a fight and he got kicked out of school and I never saw him. The poem that gave me the courage to tell him was Best Friend by Allison U.

My life has changed now because I know now to tell people how I feel. Now I feel regret ‘cause I lost a best friend and someone I loved. I would like to talk to him but I have to try to keep on moving.

Tell people how you feel ‘cause you never know what is going to happen.

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