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Love at a distance
by Roxayne

I met my one and only love in 2002. We were friends first and our friendship blossomed into love. I had never been so happy in my life as when we were together. He still makes me feel whole. We have known each other for about three years and we have been through so much together, even across the miles.

We seperated for one reason... he moved away. We are still friends and I know we will always be. We never let anything or anyone come between our friendship.

I have been strong, or at least, I have tried to be strong. A LovePoetry poem called Are You Near? by Sheri Ann Crete helped me remember that no matter how many miles are between us, we will always have that connection.

I believe that in time we will be together again. We have been brought back together too many times and we have come too far. I have gone to visit him twice and I plan on going again in a couple of months. When I turn 18, I am going to apply to the college in his city so I can be with him once again.

The only advice I can give is to never give up on the one you love, no matter what others say. The love only dies if you let it.

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