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Why did he do this to me?
by Sad-Girl

I fell in love with the wrong guy. He was my best friend and I loved him ever since the first day I met him. Then, I confessed my love for him and he took advantage of my love and he used me very badly and even though he knew he broke my heart, he still played and lied to me.

The times I remember being happy were before he knew my love for him 'cause no matter what, I was still close to him and I was at the top of the list. He and I laughed, joked around, made fun of people and laughed at everything and at everyone. The happy times differ from the sad times 'cause I was happier before he used me and he knew the truth.

I confided everything I was feeling to my best friend, who was always there for me no matter what happened. She realized I was really depressed 'cause I wouldn't eat, sleep or talk. All I would do was cry for him.

Things turned around and I realized he would come back or I would find someone better and the poem that helped me, that related to me the most was [[[Why//sarah lynn carpenter//51988]]. This poem helped me most to get over it.

My life has changed a lot and I will never be the same. I don't think I will ever be able to trust a guy again or to tell a guy how much I care about them or show them how much I care. I have tried to have a lot of friends and and meet new people every day.

Don't let a guy get away with everything, no matter how much you love them. Show him you don't care- even though you do. They'll come back when they realize what they've lost.

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