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FOR U ONLY...oNly Urs
by -(`v)-уخt@t-(`v)-

I met this guy online. Initially, we were just good friends and I'm not sure when my feelings for him changed. He had never hidden the fact that he was married... I knew that from the very beginning.

When I realized I had fallen for my married friend, I was shocked with myself. I never expected to have such feelings for him, because he was married. I guess I can never be sure about anything in life. I haven't been able to make myself leave the situation because I just don't feel complete without him. I'm even waiting for a time when it will be just the two of us. I know the day will come for me. I read a poem on LovePoetry I could really identify with. It was Alone again by Bnana78.

When he realized the intensity of my feelings for him, he just stepped back, saying that I would only be ruining my life because he couldn't be with me.

It's been longer than 6 months since then. Our relationship isn't what it used to be a year ago. Now I'm just waiting for him. Only God knows how long I'll be able to keep waiting. I'm not ready to accept anyone else into my life right now, so I don't give anyone else a chance. I just don't want to get over him at all and until I do get over him, I can't start any new relationship... I just can't.

Never be too sure about anything in life because life is totally unpredictable.

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