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2 and a half years later
by jessica lynn

My grandpa was the best of all grandpas. He made me go the distance to make my dreams come true, gave me a place to live when I needed a home, and encouraged me to live up to my potential; that includes going to college and finishing. My grandfather was the one person in the world I could go to and talk to after my grandma died. He was my strength when I wanted to give up. Now I have to be strong and realize that he is in a better place.

My grandpa and grandma started taking care of me when I was about 2 years old, while my mother worked. I was very close to my grandpa, and when they diagnosed him with the same cancer that my grandma died from 2 and a half years ago, I knew time was limited with my papaw. I didnít think it was fair. Why was God taking my papaw too?

Unfortunately there were things I never said to him before he died. I was in denial; I didnít want to believe that he was dying. I didnít tell him how much I loved him and how much I appreciated what he had done for me and my daughter. I will never forgive myself for that, but I know he would want me to move on.

The last day of his life, I was sitting right next to him, and I told him things would be okayÖ that I would be okay, and that Mammaw was waiting for him so that they could sit on the porch swing and catch up on things, since sheís been gone for 2 and a half years.

I am still dealing with most of my grief by myself. I remember him by the good things heís done and by the things I wouldnít have achieved if he hadnít been there pushing me every step of the way. I also look at photos of him and remember what a great grandfather he was to all 8 of us, plus one great-grandchild.

There are two LovePoetry poems that have reminded me of him. They are A Sad Goodbye by Nicole M. Grinde and Angel Of Mine by Jenna " Starbaby ".

It has only been 2 and half weeks, but I am strong. Grandpa would want me to be. Sometimes I hear a song that makes me think of him and then tears go rolling down my face, but that is part of moving on; you have to grieve so that eventually it makes you stronger. That is one of lifeís valuable lessons.

Each day is limited, no matter how old you are or how healthy you are. Someone you really love and care about can be taken away from you at any time so you should live each day as it were the last, and make life worth living.

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