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No Longer With Me
by Lonely-N-Love

My fiance and I have been together for eleven months, but we are separated now because he is in a detention center. We were forbidden to be together by his grandparents, whom he lived with. He told me he loved me way too much for anyone to keep us apart and he left home to be with me. Six days later, he was turned into the police labeled as a runaway. He was taken to the detention center and has been away from me for 94 days.

He was supposed to stay at the center until he turned 18 on January 08, 2006, but he will be able to complete the program in six to seven months. I write him letters and it gives me comfort, knowing we have some kind of communication.

I only cope without him by knowing that one day he and I will be together again. I live each day knowing that when I lay myself down to sleep and awaken the next morning, I am one day closer to having him holding me in his arms again. I read the LovePoetry poem How do you say good-bye? by Mitchell Damon Hawkins Jr.. It made me realize that I just have to live each day as it comes and never give up.

I do believe that we will be together again. I will have to wait, but when the day comes when we're able to be together again, it will last forever... until the end of time!

No matter how hard it may be, if it's true love it will last. Just keep hope and faith and God will lead you through.

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