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by Shorty

I ended up in my situation by falling in love with my best friend- who wasn't for me. When I found out about his girlfriend, I stayed because I thought that if I spent time with him and kept him from his girlfriend, then she would break up with him for being with me more often than her.

My situation made me feel sad and mad, 'cause that girl is my cousin and I had asked her before if she would go out with him and she told me she wouldn't, and now they are together and she won't even let me give him a hug 'cause she gets mad and talks bad about me. The LovePoetry poem that helped me through this is Moving On by Julie Ann Burch. It made me realize that I should go on and not love the wrong guy and that, someday I will find my perfect guy. I decided to stay away from where they are always together and not talk to him for a while until I could handle the feelings I had for him.

I don't talk to my cousin anymore because she started rumors about me. I can now see my old best friend as a friend. We are as good of friends as we where before she came and he tells me that if I get a boyfriend who plays around with me to tell him- 'cause he would not let a guy do that to his best friend.

My love life is not that great. I am single... still waiting for my perfect guy whom I will love and who will respect me and not play around with my feelings and love me for real.

If you love a guy who you know is not for you and who has a girlfriend, then let him go. Someday you will get your perfect guy, who will love you. Never stay by his side, knowing he loves his girlfriend, 'cause you will end up getting hurt even if he is your best friend. It's hard, I know, but someday he will come back to you, knowing you cared about him and by then your feelings for him will be gone and you will become great friends as you were before!!

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