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alost love
by babygirl

I had a boyfriend for two years and we had a baby together. We were both nineteen years old and we were both eighteen when we met. I loved him a lot. We were together for 9 months before I became pregnant with our little boy. He became very demanding and really mean. I worked two jobs and he stayed home. I ended up getting way too sick to work, so I had to quit my job and he took care of me. He and I lived with his family and when his dad or mom was around, he would hit all of us. His dad put up with everything he did and wouldn’t call the police, but his mom did call the police on him.

I was in love with him and I thought this would all go away if I kept being there for him… it just got worse. One time, we were driving in his car and playing around and talking… Well, it started to turn into a fight so I told him to pull over because we needed to talk. He pulled over, threw his keys at me, and hit our one month old baby, who was in the car seat. Then he hit me and told me to get out. I didn't want to leave the baby in the car with him but I finally had to get out. He drove the baby home and when I called his house to tell them to pick me up; they told me that my boyfriend had dropped the baby off at the house.

When I came home and saw the baby, I then called my mother and she came and got me and the baby from his house we went right to the police station. He was arrested that day, Easter, at his house. He called me from jail and he asked me if were still together. I told him we were but that he had to change. He said he would and he did for a little while, then he went back to acting the same old way all over again.

We finally broke up after our two year anniversary. I didn’t want to leave him… I still love him. I see him sometimes and I tell him I still love him. I know it was wrong when I took the baby from him and didn't tell him were I was, but I was just scared. There was a LovePoetry poem that helped me. It was Should I Go? by Rachel Summer.

Now he has the baby. His mom has full custody and I am really happy about that. I still get to see him. I’m now working in an office and I’m in college, so my life is going great for now.

I love the fact that I am now getting on with my life. I think that maybe one day he will change and see how much I’ve loved him.

Guys change their minds a lot. Just because they say they’ll be there for you doesn’t mean they will. If they are your best friend, then they might just stick around.

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