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by Kayla

She was my best friend for about two years. We were as close as friends could be. We loved each other.

She committed suicide. I never got to tell her that I loved her. I wish would have come to me for help. Three days before she died, we were cheering at the pep rally together and I said goodbye to her.

My friends and I have comforted and supported each other. We talked at her wake about how she wouldn't want us all to be crying, and we all cried in each otherís arms.

There is a LovePoetry poem that is helping me grieve. It is Miss you by Heather Marie Yarbroough. It has been a week, I am still morning.

If someone close to you passes on from something unthinkable or something you didn't expect, just remember the best memory you had with them and imagine how beautiful they would look with wings.

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