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Lonely For A Little While
by Knows better Now

We started talking on messenger and then on the phone. I was seeing him a lot but not lately... he's been too busy with his girl. We were and still are good friends. He just doesn't see how much I care about him and that gets on my nerves. I tried to tell him how I felt about him. He told me that he felt the same way for me, but he won't give up the girl he has right now.

I was really hurting because I wanted him so badly and he just didn't want to be with me. Then I came to LovePoetry.com and I found a poem called Not Good Enough by Momei Qu and it helped a lot, because I felt like I was alone in all of this and I wasn't. The poem helped me realize that I will find someone else and that I don't need him.

We decided we are going to be friends, even though he wants to be more, so that way no one gets hurt. We still talk all the time, but I learned to watch what I say to him. Even though he denies still liking me, I know he really does. I know he thinks he made a big mistake by picking the other girl over me, but he still won't give her up.

My life is great. I hang out with my friends, have tons of guys that like me, and really he is the furthest thing from my mind now.

When you're young, you think everything is love, but then you start seeing the true colors of it, and you learn it isn't so. Just hold tight and keep your ground because if you do, you're going to be the one standing in the end.

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