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He was like a dad to me
by Rebecca

My grandfather and I were like father and daughter. He would take me places, and we would just sit and talk. We had our differences, but they did not get in the way of our good relationship. I had known my grandpa forever, and Iím glad I had a chance to know him. We were very close and we had a lot of things in common. Nobody else ever understood us.

My grand father died in his sleep. It was the most peaceful way to die. There were so many things I wanted him to knowÖ like how much I loved him and how much I cared for him. I wanted to let him know how much I appreciated him, and how grateful I am that he was there for me. My last communication with my grandfather was like a week before he died. I felt so bad when I found out he died. Itís like all my memories with him disappeared.

When I found out that he had died, my uncle came to my school and told me. He tried to help but all I could do was cry, non-stop. My aunt hugged me, my grandma kissed me, and my boyfriend was there to relax me.

A couple of poems on LovePoetry.com helped me. One that really touched me was A Grandfather's Love by Chrystal Lyn Gibson. Itís been 8 months since my grandfatherís death, and Iím doing fine now.

My advice to others is not to feel bad for something that is natural.

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