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That One True Love
by LaRae

My relationship with my boyfriend was unreal. I spent every day with him. With him, I felt safe. He made me feel special and loved. We were the best of friends. We would have taken a bullet for each other if the time came. He protected me when I really needed it and he was my shoulder to cry on when times got hard for meÖ and vice-versa. Up Ďtill the day he died, I knew him for 7 years. We had dated for 4 years.

He died in a car accident. There were six people in the car. He was the youngest, the only one buckled and the only one sober... yet he was the only one to die.

I never got to tell him how much I truly loved him, and that I was sorry for not going with him that sad day... and so much more.

That day, he came over with his older brother to pick me up for our date at the movies. I had a headache, so I asked if it was okay if we could do it another time. He said it was fine, we hugged, kissed and he walked to the car. His brother smiled at me and blew me a kiss and I smiled back. My boyfriend looked back at me and said, "I love you with all my heart," and they drove off.

My family didnít get why I was so sad, but the few friends I had were a BIG help. They were there whenever I needed to talk or just cry. I love them dearly for that. I found some comfort in the LovePoetry poem Unborn by Cecil Vernon Crumrine, Jr..

Itís been 3 years since he died. Iím doing a lot better now. Iím moving on and I think Iíve found another love.

Donít take time for granted. Live life 1 day at a time, but live it like you were dying. Always, always let someone know how you truly feel about them... or you will regret never telling them.

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