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Guardian Angel
by Mrs. P

I didn't really have a chance to bond with my only son. I carried him for five long months! He would toss and turn in my womb, showing how much he loved his mother. He was my only son! We were very close while he was in my womb.

There was no fluid around the baby. The umbilical cord was coming first and he,didn't have any lung tissue, so therefore he would not live long. He was stillborn!

His father didn't get to hold him and say “Good-bye” or “I love you!” I did say goodbye to my son. I told him that his mother still loves him, even if he is gone on to a better place.

After he died, my friends and family would visit me in the hospital and at my house. They gave me words of encouragement. I read a poem on LovePoetry.com that has helped me in my grief. It was My Son, My Life by Jim R Treece. It has been two months and I'm doing pretty well!

If you ever have a stillborn child, just make sure that you make some kind of connection with your baby so you won't regret anything!

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