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what friends do for friends
by Sad-Monkey

Well, it all started last year my junior when I met him. I had him for a class. We started to talk to each other a lot; he would call me to my house every night. I was so was happy because I really liked him. I was in love with him. I thought I actually had a chance with him. And of course my best friend new all of the details.

Well, one day he met my best friend and somehow got her phone number and started calling her day and night. At first my friend didn't want to talk to him but I told her to keep talking to him so I can find out stuff out him. On night he called me and told me he was in love with my friend. He told me that he had asked her to be his g/f many times but she would always reject him. He sounded so sad, that it made me feel sad and guilty because it was my fault my friend didn't like him! As time passed I started to notice something didn't add up with my friend. I suspected she had fallen for him…

When I got the courage to call her and asked her if what I was suspecting was right, well, at first she denied it. She told she would never do anything to hurt me. When I felt relieved I changed the subject. About 3 minutes later said she told me that she lied to me. She told me she never wanted this to happen, that I was her best friend! That she was sorry. She told me she understood if I never wanted to speak with her again…

When I heard all this coming from her, I couldn't speak for a minute. I felt something dropped in my stomach and then I felt the tears falling from my eyes. I couldn't believe it, out of all friends it had to be her!! I felt hurt, back stabbed; I also felt like someone stabbed my heart to death, and so much sorrow! When I read this poem [[[Silence//Silver Rose//15396, it made me think that I never asked for anything like this to happen…

What I did is: I told my friend it wasn't her fault and we were gonna get through this. I asked her to give me time to get over him- so she can get with him. She told me she didn't want to get with him because she didn't want to hurt me anymore but I told her by doing that she was gonna hurt him, herself, and me because I was going to feel it was all my fault! For months our relationship changed. We didn't hang out like we use to. We still talked to each other but- it wasn't the same….

Well, now I and my friend are closer then ever. She’s finally comfortable talking about him with me. I got over him, well, at least almost all of him. I still like him but not like I use to. I don't feel that bad anymore when I see them together- happy. I still talk to him in school because I have him for a class again… but it’s not the same.

Well, my love life is horrible! I never had a b/f before. I don't want to fall in love anymore. I had enough that!!

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