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Losing A Mother
by Living Lonely

It was my mother who had passed away. I knew her the whole 18 years of my life. My mother and I were very close. We were as close as a mother and daughter should be.

She died in a fire that took place at a roommate’s house. I saw her at a wedding reception the night before she died. I never got to say goodbye or tell her how much I really loved her and appreciated her as a mother. She died on November 14, 2004, so it’s been too long for me!

I had some support from my family on my mom’s side, but not from my dad and his side of the family. There was a LovePoetry poem called Please Don't Take My Mommy!!! by Cara Stanfield that helped me through the hard time I was goin’ through. It helped me realize that my life has to go on.

Never say that you hate your mother or wish she were dead because it will come back on you- hard!

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