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I forgave myself
by smart-heart

My relationship was not good because there was no trust and we fought a lot. My boyfriend cheated on me and lied to me.

I gave forgiveness to myself because I realized that it wasn't my fault that my boyfriend was playing around on me and lying to me constantly. I broke up with him and moved on. Praying For a Rainbow by Rebecca Walkins Randle was the LovePoetry poem that helped me through the pain because I found a rainbow inside of myself.

As a result of my decision to break up with him and forgive myself, I got closer to my family and got a new boyfriend who treats me like an angel! I think I reacted wisely because if I hadn't broken up with him, I wouldn't be with my boyfriend right now. I would still be sad and depressed and my boyfriend now is also my rainbow.

If you are in a bad relationship, don't stay in it. Get help and find your rainbow!

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