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With a Broken Wing
by lolliegaginde

When I was 15 years old, I got pregnant by my old boyfriend. My new boyfriend took my child in as if it were his own. Two years later we had a child of our own. We were married for almost 2 years. He and I were both 18 when we got married. We were pushed into getting married because of the fact we already had 2 kids before graduating high school and I was leaving soon for college. If I was to go, we had to be married.

Throughout our relationship, things were bad. I always tried to look at it as if nothing was wrong, but he cheated the whole time we were together. Our troubles began long before, as well as immediately after the wedding. He was severely abusive, always cheating, and a compulsive liar. He always said he wanted to change, but never would. He would say he couldn't remember the things he was doing to us, as if he were blacking out. I turned to my bible and the Lord to help me through it, but the more I studied how marriages were supposed to be, the more I wanted out of mine.

He broke my spirit and my hope, but an angel came along. I met a new friend right after our 1st anniversary. He made me feel so perfect. I would dream about life with him. When I read I Thank God He Sent You to Me by Celina, it hit me. He was my answer... it was time.

When I decided to file for divorce, he was overseas. I figured that was the best time to do it so he could not hurt me or the kids. When he found out I had filed, he tried his old tricks to get me back and even threatened to kill himself. I wouldn't let him do it again... I really wanted this.

We have been divorced for almost 2 months now and my relationship with the guy of my dreams is perfect. I have graduated from college and I'm actually making a life for myself. I am my own person- a woman. I'm not a punching bag, a slave or a sexual object, and that is how I want to be treated. This is not the 1900's. Women are now as professional as men. I always thought my place was behind my husband and I was wrong. I now have a degree and he can't even pass a test to get into college.

Don't ever let a man bring you down.

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