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i'm still waiting
by Heart-Broken

I met this really cute and shy guy. It was love at first sight for me. I finally found out who he was and it turns out we have the same last name. It was weird. So, he found out I liked him. My friend kept on asking him if he wanted to go out with me. I told her not to say that but she didn't listen. He didn't like me after that happened. So, I asked him if we could just be friends and start over. He said, "okay," but at the same time he didn't make any effort to talk to me or be with me. My heart was shattered.

So, summer came- Iím still in love. We didn't see each other that much but I thought about him all the time. Then it was the beginning of school. I didn't talk to him- I was afraid to. So, I went up to him and said, "Can we, please, be friends and start over?" He said, "Yaw, sure." My heart was healing at the time but he didn't talk to me. I was the one who had to say "hi" all the time. It felt good because he looked at me all the time or just stared at me. I was beginning to get suspicious.

There wasn't really someone else but Iím hurting and there's this girl starting to hang out with him. I feel like I don't mean anything to him because this girl just comes to him and flirts. Itís gross! I mean- why can't he talk to me... she's all talk. I feel heart-broken now that Iíve worked so hard to get him to notice me.

I like the poem Anytime by Steve Leahy. I like it 'cause that's what I wonder all the time. Like, I wonder what he thinks about, if he thinks of me- because I love him so much. I, also, like the poem I'll wait by malyssa mary barricellar. I like this one to because I feel exactly the same way.

I haven't said anything to him 'cause I know that they are not gonna last. Iím still waiting. I still love him and Iím still waiting.

Whenever you love someone you should take your time when trying to let them know you do care, 'cause if you talk to them first... they will see how you really feel.

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