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i miss him
by kristy

After I met Matt, he was everything to me for about 8 months, then he moved 2000kilometers away to try and make his life better is a few ways. I miss him like crazy.

I never asked him so stay 'cause that would have been selfish of me. I didn't wanna' hold him back from doing something he wanted to do. I sorta' think that if we do have something special, it will happen again later on in life and we'll have the knowledge that I hadn't held him back.

I think our relationship lasted so long because he loved me for just being myself. My life is a bit dull and boring. I want him to come back so, so much. I'm alone now but the LovePoetry poem, All My Love by Bill Massie has helped me deal with it.

Matt and I still talk sometimes. It's hard not to be near him, but I know I'll will be okay.

Hold on; it will all be okay, no matter what. Smile, 'cause you never know who's falling in luv with that smile.

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