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Take me back
by Candace

My boyfriend and I had an off-and-on relationship. Well, actually we weren't really going together, but I felt we had a relationship even though we had ended the real relationship months ago.

I asked him for forgiveness when he found out that his cousin and I were talking and he was mad at me. He acted as if everything was my fault. I asked for forgiveness because I didn't really like his cousin, I was just looking for love. I made a real mistake and it messed up everything we ever had. The poem, I Don't Ever Want To Lose You by Dyan L Gomes helped me make the decision to ask for his forgiveness. I still want him in my life whether it's just as a friend or whether we can take it further.

After he found out, I kept calling him and he wouldn't receive my calls. When we were at school, he wouldn't say anything to me. He found him another lil' girl who I knew he didn't care about, he just wanted to make me jealous.

This dilemma is still in action. He is easing up and saying little words to me, but it's not the same. My friends keep telling me that he keeps asking about me. I think that by telling he truth and admitting that this whole thing was a big mistake, it made me feel like a real young lady.

What you have is not guaranteed to be with you forever. Make your decisions wisely because one little mistake can cause it all to fall.

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