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The One That Really Changed Me
by Amanda

Our relationship was horrible. It started off as just friends and we were very much in love, then we started going out and that's when the trouble started. I never saw him and we started fighting- a lot. This is when I found out things I didn't know about him. I learned he smoked weed, and was a father. He was going to kill himself after his friend died. Then I started falling for someone else.

This is what led to the breakup; he was away and before he left we had a very big fight. I just didn't feel the magic anymore like I did before. It hurt like hell. I never wanted to hurt him, but it hurt me to stay in the relationship. I had to get out, so I broke it to him gently but he hated me for it. I promised him I would love him forever. I mean, I loved him- but something changed.

The turning point was definitely when he was going to kill himself. It hurt me that he was just going to leave me here. There was a LovePoetry poem that helped me, it was called I Don't Understand by Cindy Michelle Wood. After a while I almost started regretting breaking up with him, but since then I have found someone new and he is a great person.

As for my ex-boyfriend- he refuses to talk to me and his family hates me now. I promised him forever. But I knew right when I said it that I would regret it- and I do. My advice is, don't make promises you can't keep.

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