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Dreams Can Come True
by N...

We were married 36 yrs. I was 22 and she was 19 when we wed. She was very pretty, sexy, and desirable. I had recently entered the Army and we were eager to get married.

We were very close. At first, there was lots of hugging & kissing and other stuff. We planned for the future and all seemed great.

We started having problems after bout 7 months. I got sent to Vietnam. She was bored. (no hobbies) and too much money owed, and not enough income. I worked an extra job to try and cope. She didn't appreciate me working extra but later SHE got a job after we'd been married 1 1/2 yrs.

Later in our marriage she ran up all the credit we had, and destroyed our credit rating. After 36 years of constantly trying- without cooperation from her, it was S H E who filed for divorce!

I went on LovePoetry and read lots of poems. The poem that helped me was Sweet Escape by Neale Richard Dirling.

My health was poor, I was crippled and I was depressed.
Through calculated planning, she brutally and viciously saw to it that I became homeless. I was nearly helpless!

She shared an apartment with two woman friends and I went temporarily to my Brother's house. After 3 weeks there I got a room at a homeless shelter/halfway house. I spent 1 1/2 yrs there... surrounded by ex-cons, retards and useless scumbags... saving my money to get an apartment.

I got an apartment and... after 4 months there, I met my sweet Marty- on line! She had recently got divorced from a mean, nasty, redneck brute, and she and I hit it off like a dream!

I honestly can say that if God took me to Heaven RIGHT NOW- my existence wouldn't be improved over the PERFECT life I have now with my wonderful wife, Marty!

I sincerely believe that ANYONE younger than approximately 32 or 33 is TOO YOUNG to get married! N E V E R give up trying! I was broke, sick, and waiting to die... but here I am now- happy as a fat rat in a cheese factory!

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