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I Loved You Baby
by Erica Aguilar

I had a very good relationship with my boyfriend. We were with each other every day, I mean like 24/7. He always loved to surprise me with gifts. He got along with my family. We were like, the best couple there could ever be... at least that's what everyone said.

The reason for our breakup had to do with some girls that used to be my friends. My friends liked him too and they couldn't stand seeing him with me at all, so they started telling him stuff about me. I heard a rumor that he had cheated on me, so to get revenge I cheated on him. He said he broke up with me because I cheated on him, but that wasn't the truth. The real reason he broke up with me was because he didn't want to lose all of his homegirls over me. He cared more about some girls that probably won't be his homegirls for life. So he preferred to leave the girl he loved with all his heart.

There was a LovePoetry poem that helped me a lot. The poem is called The Last Letter by Khalid Ahemd Al moazen. It talks about how he broke your heart and that's the ending for you, but it's really barely starting. And no matter how much pain you feel, you'll keep in mind not to take the wrong road again.

After a year and half, I've moved on. Trying to forget about him wasn't easy. I cried every day, wishing him back. I knew though, that the best thing for me was to stop talking to him. Now he and I are just friends, and I've met a new guy who has shown me how to love again.

Girls, my advice to ya'll is to make sure that the friends you have are true homegirls, 'cause if they ever love your man they'll do anything to take him away from you.

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