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Foolish Me
by Miss Young-n-Naive

I had a great relationship. Well, that’s what I thought. I loved him with all my heart and I didn’t want anything but to have him give those feelings to me in return.

One day, I was at a close friend’s house. I thought he was gonna’ be there so I went to the house but he said he couldn’t make it. I didn’t wanna’ be messed up so I just stayed there. I didn’t want it to seem like I went there just for him I love my friends but his supposed friend started messin’ with me. Oh, he used to like me but I rejected him long ago. So, he messed with me and when I got home I called up my boyfriend and I told him about it all. He got mad and he broke it off, but the next day I saw him and we got back with each other. Then, a few days later he broke it off again. I was, and I still am heartbroken.

He heard some rumors later on that I was messin’ with his friend and that just ruined all the chances I had with him. I was so dumb and blinded by love that I gave myself up to him even though we weren’t going out. I read this poem Foolish Heart by Mary Elizabeth Blessing on LovePoetry.com and it just made me realize what I did oh so wrong. I regretted it because I found out that he still loves his ex even though a few days ago he was like, “Yeah, I love you baby.”

I was so mad at myself. I still am, but I mean I love him. Still, the more and more I think about it, the madder I get. We still talk as good friends, but I hoped he would change and realize what he wants. Hopefully what he wants is me.

Don’t give yourself up to someone who doesn’t love you back. Sometimes when they say they love you, they’re just saying it to get something from you.

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