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A Love/Hate Relationship That Ended My Whole World
by hurt-but-stronger

We had the most perfect relationship, like it was made up in a dream. He was everything I could only dream about. He held my world in the palm of his hand and he didnít even know it. We were so happy in love.

We broke up because we started to become jealous of each other. I would fight with him about him looking at other girls and he would fight with me about looking at other guys. The fights would get so bad that he would hit me... but still, I loved him no matter what.

We got into a fight one day and I went home. I tried calling him, thinking things were okay. I was so wrong because while I was thinking that, he already had his mind made up that we were through. I was emotionally, physically, and mentally drainedÖ I was a wreck. The Love Poetry poem that really helped was As I close this chapter of my life... by Mary Elizabeth Loscar. In this poem she said, "I will always remember those unique special words, places and times that could only mean something to you and me. You will just never know how much you have touched my life or how much you mean to me." That helped me by helping me think about the good- not the bad.

I decided there were bigger problems in the world than my heart being broken at the age of 19. I figured I still have my health, my family and my friends that will always be with me in the long run. Whatís more important than that? My one year-old nephew really helped me get through it. If it werenít for him I donít know what it would have been like.

Since the break-up, two and a half months ago, I have been a lot happierÖ more stress-free. Itís like a weight has been lifted and now I can breathe again after getting out that relationship. I dated my boyfriend for 5 years, so when we broke up, my life changed dramatically in one day. But I overcame it and now I can look back and smile because in my heart I know that I got to love once and thatís all that matters.

Always remember that things can only get better from there, as hard as it feels and as much as it hurts, you will make it through. Thereís always a rainbow after the rain. Itís better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all. Smile... Ďcause you never know when someone is falling in love with you. Always remember in a break-up: Do not let someone get the best of you. There is always someone else there to help you get through; even in the places you never thought to look. Some of the greatest things in life are mistakes. Donít ever give up over a broken heart; it happens for reasons unknown to us but when itís all said and done, we all come out on top, stronger, smarter, happier and more beautiful than ever. Experiencing the pain of a broken heart is the worst pain ever to endure, but if the one you want and love does not want you, do not stress it. Be carefree, be someone you were scared to be when you were with that person. Breaking up after being in love is like a challenge- risk it! Live your life to the fullest. Never live to regret... you will only have hate. Be good about it- be happy!

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