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Loving Him
by chiquita_loves_papi

Daniel and I had a great relationship. We were friends for 3 years and became a couple and we stayed together for 2 years. He asked me out at lunch time when we were in the 8th grade. Everyone told me that he was too ugly for me and I should dump him. I didnít though, because I liked him. When my parents found out about us, they told me that if I didnít break up with him they wouldnít buy me a dress for graduation. I still didnít let him go. Daniel and lasted for 2 years and 6 days and that made me happy.

We broke up twice. The first time, I broke it off because I had family problems and relationship problems. I couldnít handle it, so I broke it off. Later, my mom found out that I missed school a lot. She said that we couldnít see each other for a while, but I didnít care. I missed school to see him because I loved him. He also said I didnít show my love, but thatís because I never knew how.

Our last break up was his choice. He said we had too many problems, which is a lie. We only had 1 problem after we got back together. It was my fault and I had apologized, but he still decided to break it off.

Since he broke up with me, all I have done is try to get back with him, but he has a new girlfriend and they have been together since we broke up. It really hurts, and when I realize that I havenít moved on, it hurts even more. I love him and I want him back.
The LovePoetry poem Wanting You Back!! by Brenda Annabelle reminds me so much of him and how much I want him back. Since I read that poem, I realized that I truly loved him, Ďcuz my feelings havenít changed.

Show them how much you love them and donít give up on them if you truly think that the 2 of you are meant to be. I know that if I get him back I wonít care what people say. I will show my love to him. Iím not giving up because like the saying goes, ďIf you want something, you have to work hard to earn it.Ē Iím working hard to get his love back.

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