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Stupid Player
by lil one

In the beginning of our relationship, everything was going all good. We shared laughter, we kissed and even held each other. I thought we were meant for each other.

Then he started talking to my friend. The next thing you know, I see her with hickeys on her neck. I found out from her that they were from him. She has told me everything that went on between them. But my friend and I were not the only girls dating him. This other girl was too. He was going out with her before he asked me out. So I called him up and told him that it was over. The reason I broke up with him was that I could not handle his playing and good for nothing lies anymore. I fell for it once and surely Iím not gonnaí fall for it again. I feel very sorry for the clueless girl who is next. I sure hope that one day it will all come back to bite him, and hopefully, just hopefully he'll regret it.

The LovePoetry poem that has helped me to realize this was the poem Falling in Love With a Player by Lindsey Nicole Milke. Thatís the same exact way I felt because I really had fallen for him.

After the break-up, I guess you can say that I tried to move on and forget about him, but thereís always something that keeps reminding me of him. I havenít talked to him since the whole situation happened. I am talking to someone right now, but I hope David knows that no matter what, Iím always thinking of him and I shall always love him. I just can't get over the fact that he hurt me so badly.

My advice to you all is to stay strong no matter what happens. Believe in yourself and you shall always depend on the people that care for you the most.

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