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Drama - The Pain of Love
by Love-is-not-Loved

This special guy was my boyfriend. I loved him so much, but I guess I wore him out because he dropped me like a hot potato.

We had a serious argument with words you couldnít believe. We argued because I hadnít had much time to be with him. I hardly had time to call him. We argued because he felt left behind. We argued because he never even picked a phone to call me. We argued because we didnít have time for each other. PityÖ we argued because we loved each other. But how could we spend time with each other? We argued because thatís the only way to take out all the frustration we had. It was painful.

A LovePoetry poem called Aching by Sweet Angel helped me out. I was into the words and the flow of this poem. It helped to ease my pain. I cried and I let my pain go free. I reminisced on all the good times we had.

We donít talk to each other anymore. We donít see each other. We donít communicate at all.

If you donít have time for a relationship, donít have one. Always be truthful and speak your mind in a relationship. Donít keep it in and let it turn into to an argument. That will just bring trouble. Donít argue- talk.

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