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Hurt By A Player
by Tiffany Rodriguez

I had a serious relationship. I really thought it would last forever. We had been together for two years and I thought we would always be together. I loved him so much!

He believed gossip that was going around about me and went out in a burst of revenge and he cheated on me with an enemy of mine. He said he heard that I didn't care about him anymore and that I was going to break up with him anyway, but of course that wasn't true.

The poem that helped me the most was Hurt By Love by Melissa S. Elias. This poem touched me because it describes how hard it is to let go of someone that you loved. I loved him with all my heart and soul, but because he chose to hurt me I had to let him go.

I tried other boyfriends and tried to forget about him. It was very hard but I'm pretty much over it now. We don't really talk much anymore because I think if I talked to him I would want to be with him too much.

Be careful of who you trust. You never know who will just double cross you when your back is turned.

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