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It wasn't Me, But I Thought It Was
by Sad Gurl

I had a terrific relationship with my boyfriend. He was always there for me and he would do anything I asked him to and give me anything I needed. I felt loved at first and believed that nothing could come between us and that we would always be together. I loved him so much and he loved me, but even though we had all that love, something still happened.

He started to continuously lie to me and he would go days and weeks without calling me. When I saw him in public, he would try to avoid talking to me and none of these actions were him. I later started to feel neglected, alone and hurt. I started to hear things about him and other girls and then it all came together. I suddenly knew why he was neglecting me and not calling. He neglected me, lied to me, and cheated on me, so I did what had to be done... I left the boy I loved.

The LovePoetry poem, Falling in Love With a Player by Lindsey Nicole Milke helped me with my decision and gave me strength to make it through this heartache. I left him and tried to deal with my loss and told myself that he didn't deserve me.

I have had one other boyfriend since, but it didn't last and I still love my ex-boyfriend. I can't get over him and itís causing me great pain Ďcause I can't move on with anyone. I canít give my all in a relationship because my ex still has a part of me.

Don't ever fall so deeply in love with someone that even after that person hurt you, you still can't get over them. Make sure the person youíre in love with loves you back just as much.

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