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by Silent Crys

At first we had a good relationship. We saw each other and talked on the phone like a regular couple. We had been going together a few months and I started to sense changes in him. I tried to stop it because it was making me feel empty inside like I wasn't part of his life. Then he didn’t call me for a week and I started to worry. I called and nobody would pick up the phone.

I came to the LovePoetry’s website and started looking at the most popular poems and I noticed one and it seemed like my relationship. The name of the poem was Chris: so you think you're a playa by luv always. It was funny, the relationship I was presently in… his name was Chris.

We broke up but I feel better now. His friends have told me that he misses me and he was sorry for cheating on me and he still loves me and wants me back. It is better, actually, now that we are broke up.

The world is full of players. No matter how good they treat you or how many times they say they love you… there is still something missing there inside. So, be careful- don't fall in love in the wrong person. You might breakup in tears but end up with something better.

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