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Losing You
by HeArT BrOkeN MoChA

We were deeply in love and understood that it would take a lot of effort to keep the relationship together. He was Mr. Big Stuff to everyone in the school and then I was Mr. Big Stuffís Girlfriend. We didnít let that bother us, but things started to fade. He said that he loved me and it would be forever and I felt the same about him.

I really didnít want to let him go because I knew I did love him and I would never love someone the way I loved him ever again. But he let it be known to me that he wanted it to be over so I had no choice but to let go.

He explained to me that he wanted to be single again because itís how a "pimp" lives his lifeÖ picking up girls, messing with their minds and then dropping them like it was nothing but a game.

It took me a long time to get over him, but I am happy that I finally am, because even though it took awhile, it was worth the while. I learned a lot of lessons that will carry me through my whole life. The LovePoetry poem, The song by Ashley Nadine Gray made me realize that even when you love someone and you think your on the same level and singing the same tune, sometimes people tend to tune out because they are too afraid to commit or just too caught up in their self to realize what theyíre doing.

I finally let go for good and I wasnít afraid to prove him wrong in his own game. You canít always make people bow down to you, because some people just wonít stand for it. Iím sorry that I ever gave him the slightest idea that I could be one of those girls he mistreated.

Itís been a year since the whole thing died down. He and I do not speak to each other. I refuse to talk to someone who feels as if they can minimize me because they feel bigger in state of mind. He tries to talk to me and make me understand that heís sorry and he didnít mean for things to come out the way they did, but I feel that heís saying that heís sorry because he got caught and lost in his own deadly game of love, so I refuse to forgive him.

Never fall for someone who brags too much about themselves and feels that the world should bow down and kiss his or her feet because, if that be the case, then the person is not worth the time of day or your tears. If they were worth it, they wouldnít make you cry and they would allow you to be who you want to be.

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