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No More Good-byes
by no good byes grl

MMy ex and I had a great relationship; we were really together. Well, I thought it all felt so real, but I was wrong; this guy was a jerk. We have been out 3 times now and every time, he is so incredibly hurtful and then we break up. It was he who ended it the first 2 times; I ended it the last time. This story is about the first time we went out and broke up.

A lot of things really contributed to our problems. We all thought I was moving and it was the last day of school. I was supposed to move to Florida from the Sunshine
State and I was really upset. He wouldn’t even look at me; I felt so horrible. Well, that day when I left, he didn’t even say goodbye. I thought I was going to die! My trip was postponed, but I found out that on the last day of school, when we were still going out and I was supposed to be moving a week later, he made out with my best friend! I felt sick so that night. I didn’t break up with him though, he broke up with me by saying, “I just don’t love you anymore!” Then he walked away and I didn’t see him again that summer.

I walked away heartbroken. The LovePoetry poem that helped me get through was probably White Paint On A Flat Wall by Swéét Ki§§é§ aka- Maxine. I felt like that was made for me, also Should I Go? by Rachel Summer.

I thought he was still the one, so we went out 2 more times. Both times, we felt bad and then the second time he began being a jerk again. He’s paid for it though. We’ve yelled at each other and gotten into fights… which I always won.

Don’t let yourself be taken advantage of and always say goodbye. It could be the last time you look at that person the same way!

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