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Not Appreciated
by Sad-But-Not-Alone

I had a loving relationship that lasted 4 1/2 years.

My boyfriend kept hanging out with the wrong friends. His friends actually wanted to be with me, but those are his so-called friends. He would go out and play me. He would also take girls in his car and who knows what else. I found pictures of him with others and even found worse things. I kept on forgiving him until finally, I couldn't any longer.

He never really gave me a reason. He said that I'm the perfect one and he was the problem. My mistake was forgiving him so many times, thinking he was going to change. The LovePoetry poem Broken Spirit by Josie Cortez helped me deal with this better.

I decided that I could no longer be with him. I would take him back and everything would be so wonderful for about a week or two, and then go back to the same thing. I got tired of crying and suffering, so I decided to move on without him.

I feel better inside because I know that now, I won't suffer.

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