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love is about having a heart for another person
by dub

My relationship with my boyfriend was the best thing I could ever imagine. We spent much time together and every now and then, we would go to parties together, though he was not good at communicating.

When we started dating, he lied about a girl I knew he was dating. He said they were no longer dating, which was not true. I happened to fall for his lie until the girl called me. Whenever I asked him about her, he kept telling me it wasn't true, but I could see that he was lying. He ended up leaving town when the girl come back to our town. That's when I realized that everything I'd heard about them was true. Then, I decided to find a man who could love me alone. When he found out about me and my new man, he returned. He and his lady called me, telling me that they were never separated. I gave him my forgiveness, though there was also something I had done and needed to be forgiven for.

I loved him so much that every time that I was with my new man, I would expect him to treat me in the best way, like my old man. I missed him so much. The LovePoetry poem Back To Me by Hopeless Romantic made me wanna' take him back into my life. I forgave him for not being honest and he also forgave me. Now I'm looking foward to a successsful relationship with him. He is everything I want in a man.

Whenever you have problems with your loved ones, don't solve it by ending the relationship. In fact, talk about it. If you decide to move on, don't look for a substitute in the next relationship. Accept new changes and make yourself comfortable with the changes. Letting go is not a matter of denying, but rather of accepting and moving on.

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