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by natali

At first we were friends. We did lots of things together, for example we made fun of people with his friends and we cheated in class together. Then, the last day of school, (before we went to vacation), we decided to play basketball. My two best friends went along with us. Somehow, I decided to tell him I wanted to go out with him and he answered with, "I don't know."

After I asked him out I didn't talk to him, but I was still waiting for some kind of answer. During this time, he started hanging out with some gurly-gurls (you know, cheerleaders) and he had never done that before so I kind of got jealous.

When he finally told me that his answer was "no," I knew he was going to say that because first of all, his friend had told me and second of all, one of the cheerleaders was going after him. I knew that sooner or later I would figure it out so I just had to deal with it.

After that I stopped talking to him. If I do want to talk to him I can't find my inner strength. But I can't get over him!! I ended up crying for like 3 days after he rejected me. A poem that expresses how I feel is the poem I hate you by Jessica Lynn Tibbott.

Now I think I might have a crush on one of his friends, but I'll never be able to forget him!

It might not work the first time but there is always a second chance. Don't go crazy for any boy unless you know he is in love with you... otherwise you'll end up looking like a jerk!

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