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by Alisha Jaramillo

I was dating my boyfriend for 3 and a half months and I trusted him so much because I loved him, but he cheated on me with a friend of mine and he broke up with me for her. About 1 month later they broke up for reasons I don't know. I still loved him but I thought I had control of that love, and when he asked me back I realized I had no control at all.

I forgave him, how could I not? I told myself, "If he is saying sorry and that he loved me, then obviously he was telling the truth," so I took him back and I believed his every word. We went together for about three weeks and once again, he cheated on me- this time with two different girls. One was my worst enemy, the other my friend. Once again, I had been used and my heart had been broken.

I broke up with him and it's been three months since we separated. I have a new boyfriend now, who loves me very much. The confusing thing is that I still love my ex and all I can do is ask myself, "Why?" I ended up kissing him a few days ago. I feel so bad because I know my boyfriend loves me, but I told him what happened and he forgave me and I thank God he did because I would be lost without him. I guess people do things for reasons that are too hard to find. My ex and I remain the best of friends and my boyfriend and I are doing better than ever. Now, instead of asking myself, "Why?"... I am answering myself, "Because love is a crazy emotion that takes control of you."

When I read the LovePoetry poem Why? by Angie Dawn Adkins, I realized that I am not the only one who has been hurt and I am not the only one asking the question, "Why?". I believe I am doing what's right by staying with my boyfriend and remaining friends with my ex. I am glad I did what I did and went through everything I went through, because it helped me learn to answer myself instead of asking myself!

Don't try to take control of love because it's impossible. Love will always take over, no matter what you do! Let love come to you, sometimes it will hurt you and sometimes it will be good to you.

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