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After everything, I forgave you
by Kathy

The relationship I was in was good at times and horrible at others. My boyfriend and I were either fighting or we were somewhat happy with each other. But I loved him and I always told him that nothing would ever change that. When we were fighting, he would say harsh things about me to his friends and they were mostly lies. They made me look like a bad person and really, I wasn't. He would flirt and do all kinds of things with his female friends, just to make me jealous. He did lots of stuff to make me jealous.

I forgave him every time, no matter how torn up I was inside. I forgave him and believed him over everyone I knew. I never doubted him. I always cried over the stuff he did, because a lot of the time it hurt me bad. He was serious about the stuff he did or said too. Only once did he ever regret what he said. The result was the same everytime. After a fight or when he was mad at me, I forgave him.

The one LovePoetry forgiveness poem that helped me was Forgive my heart by Daniel Lazarus Garcia. It really gave me a new perspective on things. I forgave him because I was in love with him and despite all his imperfections, to me he was perfect. I think that I responded wisely because if I held a grudge against him, we would constantly be fighting.

If you know you're in love and you are fighting, listen first, say what you have to say, then forgive each other. If you're truly in love, then you won't want to lose that person over something so small. If you're truly in love, you'll understand!

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