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just go away...you're hurting me    By: BrOkEn HeaRtEd   
You can't lose what you never had    By: GreenEyez   
Lost in Love    By: playgirltasha69   
can love again    By: love-will-always-be-here   
Why did you have to go ? Why ?    By: Sweet Broken Hearted Girl   
So lost without you    By: lost without my soulmate   
I Still Love You    By: meli   
I miss him.    By: I made a mistake.   
This Player Is Sorry    By: badboy   
Sorry For Him    By: *Lisa*   
How Come It Hurt When You Left,?    By: Lady Kahlan   
Never Fall In Love Again    By: "Confused"   
Omega    By: BeLLa   
why?    By: dacreature   
Love and Betrayl    By: Confused and Heartbroken   
My first and last love.    By: Lilcandy_04   
Lost everything at once    By: Valentina   
Letting go of the past    By: Ashley-Marie   
So Many Regrets    By: HuRt-N-fRuStRaTeD   
im here for you    By: im still loving you Jon   

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