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ruined friendship    By: lovherlf17   
why you lied?    By: chrisluva819   
Lost love    By: lost love   
I STILL Miss You    By: unknown   
fate brought us together, destiny seperated us    By: heartbroken   
One-sided Love    By: stupid-cupid   
Summer Fling!    By: H.M.B.   
i'll wait    By: chocolateicole   
A love I could never have    By: a healing heart   
I still love you    By: Princess   
Blinded from the Truth    By: Lonely   
confusion    By: SARENA GRIJALVA   
Is It The Only Way?    By: DarkStar88   
the First Cut really is the deepest    By: Jamie Jeffus   
The loss of the jewel    By: A.O.   
I didn't want it to end    By: Daddy's Girl   
strangers    By: LilKDogg   
My heart will never be the same    By: To blind To see   
You hurt me    By: Young Girl At the time   

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