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All My life i though....    By: Tears   
breaking up    By: SAD AND LONELY   
The Feelings I Hate    By: LoNeLy AnGeL   
an unhappy little gurl    By: *LittleVane*   
Suicide    By: KEM   
lost love    By: loveless again   
i wanna leave    By: brokenhearted   
Should i live or go?    By: Depressed Chick   
Simple LIfe    By: SadAngel   
untitled    By: Lady Kahlan   
The love that could kill    By: Lucinda Babygirl   
Depressed    By: i cried real tears   
Is it right?    By: Alyson Larson   
life w/ lost love    By: AngelDust   
untitled    By: byrne   
the choice between life or death    By: The Cutter   
Confused in many situations    By: blue_koolaid   
life    By: silver_tearz   
a heart so weakened    By: Laurie   

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