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A New Start    By: ModifiedAngel   
Thoughts of Suicide    By: saddnessOVERcomesME   
The pain of love    By: In-And-Out-Of-Luv   
why? me    By: lonely little girl   
forgotten    By: soulbroken   
too much pain    By: heartbrokenbabe   
suicide    By: sad girl   
why me?    By: guilt   
I don't deserve to live    By: Cry stal   
Life Instead    By: Saje Clunas   
Not feeling me?    By: child with no light   
Good Gone Bad!!    By: Good Things Go Bad   
Life Bites the big one!    By: Silentcries   
Loving myself again    By: Crazenluv   
good-bye    By: bernadette cervantes   
Never thought it could happen    By: Elizabeth Rosario   
surviving suicide    By: suicide survivor   
those green eyes    By: usedgirl   
What Am I To Do With My Life    By: 11 YeAr oLd SaD gUrL   
Whats going on with me?    By: Silent_Screams   

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