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Sef : my beloved    By: lost soul   
long distance can work- or so i thought...    By: tasha   
He does not UNDERSTAND.    By: Pooh Bear   
one day    By: I love but can't be loved   
my first real love    By: sadder-but-wiser   
moving on    By: pebos2   
Imaturity    By: Love Learned   
Blame it on Love    By: Dark Angel   
when Love is Not real    By: Fabiola Romero   
i will be there    By: your loved one   
Liar!    By: Love-Hurts   
I Wish I Could Go Back    By: Hurt-But-Healing   
walk away    By: i know u'r there but i just can't see u   
Love Hurts, Not real love    By: Enough is Enough   
Why did it have to end like this?    By: AZperla03   
I can't believe is ending like this    By: Pain of loving u   
My lost love    By: PR_most_wanted_chic69   
Why?    By: Stacy   
Lost Love    By: Strawbarry   
Have to let go in the end.    By: Jasmine-Jarred   

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