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Solitude is a party
  Where I invite myself
     To dine on "implication,"
       To drink "significance."

Thus I fill my separate need
  And I must confess...
     There could not be a better host
        Nor a more intriguing guest.

LovePoetry has created this feature so people can share their experiences of loss, anguish and distress accompanying an upheaval in their lives. It is hoped that such an exchange of feelings and experiences will help in dealing with the problems we all share when we become vulnerable by seeking and giving that precious commodity identified as LOVE...

Featured Selection from: Love And Death
-baby face-

I would say that my grandma and I were like two peas in a pod. We were best friends. She would do my hair and make-up and take me to church. She was a lot of fun.

Iíve known my grandma since the day I was born. Well, she knew me. I would go over to her house for holidays and spend the night. When I was 5 years old, my grandma taught me how to ride a bike without training wheels. She was so cool!

Grandma had liver cancer and she was in the hospital for two or three months. Then she got out, but she had a doctorís appointment and went back in to the hospital two days later. She was there for about a month or two after that. Her cancer just got worse and worse. Every time she had her treatments, I would go and watch herÖ she was so brave. It was like she knew that if she died, she would go to heaven and be with The Lord.

The day she passed away, my mom and I were going to go up and see her and make sure she was fine. But we were in the grocery store when my mom got a phone call from my aunt saying that my grandma had passed away. I did not get to say good-bye. There were a lot of things left unsaid. I wanted to ask her what I was supposed to do when she passed away, and how I was supposed to take care of her baby dog.

My family was so supportive. They told me that she is not suffering anymore and she is home now with her Father, The Lord. It was still so hard to think that she would die so soon, at the age of 53. A LovePoetry poem called No One Can Ever Take Your Place by Anthony Altas really helped me.

It has been two years and Iím good, knowing that she does not hurt anymore. She is with her Father, and I will see her, sooner than I think.

Never think because youíve lost someone, that it means you will never see them again.

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