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Solitude is a party
  Where I invite myself
     To dine on "implication,"
       To drink "significance."

Thus I fill my separate need
  And I must confess...
     There could not be a better host
        Nor a more intriguing guest.

LovePoetry has created this feature so people can share their experiences of loss, anguish and distress accompanying an upheaval in their lives. It is hoped that such an exchange of feelings and experiences will help in dealing with the problems we all share when we become vulnerable by seeking and giving that precious commodity identified as LOVE...

Featured Selection from: Love And Death

My daughter was my best friend, and I was the one who would always be there for her. For 13 years I was her mother, her sister, her best friendÖ the one who would go to the end of the world for her.

She was killed in a car accident. I thought it was my husbandís mistake. I hated him from that day. I know he didnít mean it and he loved his daughter as much as I do, but my emotions blinded my mind.

I didnít get to say a proper good-bye to her. She was going to school and as usual, she kissed me good-bye and told me not to eat lunch before she came back.

My friends helped me get through the really hard days. Every day they came to my house they used to tell me, "Hey! Letís go to the cinema!Ē I couldn't bear to go anywhere so they stayed all the day with me, filling my time. I was touched by the LovePoetry poem, A poem from a mother to a daughter by Tiffany Lynn Marcotte.

My daughter has been gone for 2 years. I still miss her presence, her smile, her laugh, her eyes, the smell of her perfume, her kisses and hugs, they way she used to dance. She was such a precious person and no one can replace her. Iím sure I won't ever find a copy of herÖ sheís one of a kind.

If one of your loved ones has passed away, just look at the mirror and Iím sure you'll see them.

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