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Rain    Love Rekindled   
By: Poetically Korrect    
"The sun is out, yet all I feel is rain.
Your presence I'm without, so now I deal with pain. ..."
Victim of love    Unwelcome Love   
By: Eman Amer Shanna    
"wheel of misfortune
goes spinning around ..."
Hidden Love    Love Fantasy   
By: LiNat    
"This hopeless love buried inside
is one so true but one to hide. ..."
This Cowgirl's Heart    Love Rekindled   
By: Tiffany Ann Wampler    
"Cowgirls are rough and tough,
And mighty hard to find, ..."
I must admit it's love    The Power of Love   
By: Louise Minthy Byrd    
"When I first met you
It lit up like light ..."
Angel Eyes    Love Triangle   
By: Krystal Angella Fox    
" I saw you last night when I closed my eyes to sleep.
I tried my hardest not to cry. ..."
Tears From A Star    Love Apart   
By: Paul Anthony Nierychlo    
"You are my love, my life,
my everything. There will never be a moment ..."
Betrayed part 2    Love and Betrayal   
By: Whitney Allison Byrd    
"From the first time you came to my school
I knew we would become the best of friends. ..."
Cruel Intentions in Reality    The Pains of Love   
By: Kim P.    
"You think it's love at first,
even though you just met, ..."
Only Lover    Love and Parting   
By: Louann Elizabeth Smith    
"You were the first one to make me cry
and the first one to make me laugh ..."
Endless Love    Love Apart   
By: Jennifer Reynoso    
"Looking into your eyes
Makes my day brighter. ..."
The Crossraods    The Power of Love   
By: Harrison    
"My mind with you,
My body free. ..."
The Moment I Wish I Could Take Back    Love Remembered   
By: Kasey M H    
"The moment I saw you,
The moment you walked in, ..."
this will never end    The Power of Love   
By: melody joy weaver    
"when your presence is near me
i get so weak ..."
Miracles    The Power of Love   
By: Denise Love    
"I wondered the other day,
What life would be like without you... ..."
Friends    Love Between Friends   
By: James L Powers    
"The day of decision is upon us
Will I be the winner, or the loser ..."
Painful Unnoticed Love    Secret Love   
By: Madly ~**~ in~**~ Love~**~    
" You're there and you'll always be there
in my heart constantly. ..."
My Way    Love Remembered   
By: Chassity Leah Wilson    
"How can I tell you this
Without me wanting to give you a kiss. ..."
AmAzE    Infatuation   
By: Sara Lynn Zuidema    
"You're so innocent... and kind.
You are so special to me. ..."
Michael    Love Between Friends   
By: don't you wish you knew?    
"You are my angel,
sent by God above, ..."
MY FRIEND IS KIND    Love Between Friends   
By: Valerie Winkle    
Blue Amethyst    Love and Betrayal   
By: Michael David Coffey    
"Blue amethyst light, adorning
Your softness in soft light ..."
Life Goes On    Love Remembered   
By: Nancy Xiong    
"It's hard when you're in love,
Heart to Heart    Love Between Friends   
By: Ashley Hart    
"To touch a life with just one glance,
hug, smile, or wave; ..."
True Love    Love Described   
By: Sharon Patrice Kimmel    
"The love I have for you is so deep,
I'm thinking about you all the time. ..."

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