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All    The Need to be Loved   
By: Kassidy Lynn Cash    
"All I did was sit here
All I did was cry ..."
I know something...I can't live without you!!!    The Pains of Love   
By: Jesse Renee Wolff    
"ThErE Is A LiGhT In Me ThAt
ShInEs So BrIgHtLy. ..."
The Woman I love    Secret Love   
By: Mike Robert Heberger    
"I feel i've known her forever
like we lived an eternity together. ..."
It's Just As Well    The Pains of Love   
By: A. Kelly    
"You walked into my life this morning acting like there was
something wrong with everything. ..."
Darling    The Power of Love   
By: Sandra Joy Martineer    
"You are a darling:
Am I Invisible ?    Suicide   
By: latina fowlkes    
"I see you in the hall.
But you don't see me. ..."
Soul Expressability 1    The Philosophy of Love   
By: diana shawgi martin    
"Depression leads to pain
and love leads to rejection, ..."
An Old Friend    Love Remembered   
By: R. McIntyre    
"So far apart,
So close at heart. ..."
Not Done    For That Special Someone   
By: Abi MIriam Diaz    
"When dreaming about you at night and daylight comes
I am still not done... ..."
Truly The Most Beautiful Girl    Secret Love   
By: Jonathan Albrecht    
"Her beautiful eyes, I wonder what they see,
When I look deep into them, it feels like we were meant to be. ..."
On The Strength    Love Declared   
By: Prince    
"The strength you have given me is power,
I am the man of the hour and not sour. ..."
The Feeling Of Love    The Power of Love   
By: Yesenia Roman    
"This feeling that I have here, deep inside
It's the feeling of love, which I cannot hide ..."
Priceless    Love Described   
By: Anonymous12    
"Love lasts forever~
It does not change with the passing of seasons~ ..."
Simple Questions    The Power of Love   
By: Mark Eric F.    
"Is this going to make me stronger?
How can it when I'm in such pain? ..."
Loving You Is So Easy    The Power of Love   
By: Marilyn A. Hunte    
"Loving you is so easy
All I do is breathe your name ..."
For Moises....My Love    Love and Parting   
By: Liz Liz    
"I woke up one morning
And I knew something wasn't quite right... ..."
When I Think About You    Love Described   
By: Sarah Anne Snow    
"My mind wonders
And my heart pounds ..."
Everything You Are Is Everything I Need    The Power of Love   
By: Simo711    
"I wish I had all my tomorrows already set up.
I wish I could give you more ..."
White Angel - Part 2    The Pains of Love   
By: Pritesh Ganatra    
"My White Angel said... Why did you hurt the other Angel?
Because she made me hurt you, my dear... ..."
Good-bye Jacob    Love Between Friends   
By: Lisa W.    
"So I have to say good-bye, and I don't know really how,
I guess I just say what I need to say now. ..."
Thinking    The Pains of Love   
By: Amy L Miller    
"I never thought... I could drown in a stare
Never Again    Love and Parting   
By: Bernadette Leigh DePellegrin    
"You are gone
You moved away ..."
Why Love You?    The Pains of Love   
By: Tonese Rene Reed    
"How could I fall in love with you?
Feeling unexcepted, left me confused ..."
Heart    For That Special Someone   
By: Pete Bolte    
"As I follow my heart
down its path ..."
I do believe I love you    Love and Parting   
By: Katt M Arboleda    
"I do believe I love you
When I close my eyes I see ..."

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