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LATHISIA; Singing from the Bird    For That Special Someone   
By: Hamza Nasser Ahmed    
"Love always comes and goes
To me in seconds like it?s decades ..."
thanks    For That Special Someone   
By: nick r sisk    
Gardens    Love Fantasy   
By: Gregory Sanchez    
"Upon the fields of my heart
you plow your fields... ..."
mystery of love    New Love   
By: angel godes of love    
"i love her, but does she love me?
if she does, will love be free? ..."
Even Though    For That Special Someone   
By: Chris Ann Luckhardt    
"Though we may be miles and miles apart
There is one thing I can promise, you're always in my heart ..."
Am I Still your Favorite at Heart    Love and Doubt   
By: Wayne Yu-Wei Chang    
"Never been alone before,
'cause you were always there, standing right beside me ..."
I'm Sorry    Love Between Friends   
By: Andraelle Davis    
"I'm sorry, what more can I say?
I'm sorry I made you feel this way. ..."
Just a suggestion    Love and Distrust   
By: Simone Inez Harriman    
"I could place my hand on your injured heart
To tourniquet your ebbing trust ..."
forgive and forget    Love and Death   
By: kitten    
"they say i must forgive you
forgive and forget ..."
Forever yours    For That Special Someone   
By: joshua lee stearman    
"Forever yours, to hold and to keep you warm.
Forever yours, to stand by you through think and thin. ..."
Saying I love You...    Abiding Love   
By: ~*babyangel*~ Janet Babyangel    
"I say I Love You,
And I say I Need You, ..."
Choices    Love and Parting   
By: Ashley Rivera    
"The choice i was left with was to let you live your life,
even though plans in the future were for me to be your wife. ..."
Finding You    New Love   
By: happy girl    
"Are you... my missing piece?
The one to make me whole? ..."
Untitled    The Pains of Love   
By: Dawn Marie Van Dyk    
"I stood there, in silence, watching her.
I could comprehend how she was feeling, ..."
Loving You    The Power of Love   
By: Anas Fouad Dibsi    
"The oath that I took
Isn?t just some words to say ..."
Crush's Prayer    Future Love   
By: Arielle B. Young Bear    
"God give me the courage to tell him straight
Please grant me the strength, before it's too late. ..."
how i came to love you    For That Special Someone   
By: Joe Stevens    
"I had a crush on you for 4 years,
you brought joy to my day every time I saw you, ..."
All Of My Life    Abiding Love   
By: Jesse DeLance Sutton    
"All of my life,
I have longed for someone like you, ..."
Confused    Love and Fear   
By: Jennifer Lou Williams    
"Why do I
Cry when I ..."
smile in my pocket    Love Apart   
By: Robyn LeAnn Dickens    
"I carry a smile in my pocket
I take it out when you are near ..."
Sonnet for Blue Eyes    Love Remembered   
By: Herman Vineyard Williams    
"Gazing to watch the moon in flight
Heartless orb rules the night ..."
What I Want    Secret Love   
By: Secret Kiss    
" What is it about you that holds me so close?
You hate me! ..."
i never knew what love meant    New Love   
By: amalia shalaby    
"i never knew what love meant,
but the day i met you ..."
Thank You and Good-Bye    Love and Death   
By: Christina Elizabeth Donnelly    
"As the memories fade away,
I sit here and cry; ..."
I say...?    Love Apart   
By: Mysterious girl    
"When it comes to you,I seem to be so weak,
And about my feelings, I dare not to speak. ..."

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